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I found that all leadershit comes down to ten distinct
types of offenders, and the secrets to identifying
them are about to be revealed.

About The Author

CEO, Mandala Global Advisors
President & CEO at The Executives’ Club of Chicago

Ana Dutra has over 28 years of management, strategic growth, and executive consulting experience in 30-plus countries.  Dutra helps Boards, CEOs, and teams with strategies, innovation, acquisitions, culture change, turnarounds and technology.

Ana worked globally for IBM and serves as CEO for Mandala Global Advisors and Korn Ferry. She serves on boards for CME Group (CME-NASDAQ), Greeley and Hansen, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Academy for Urban School Leadership and the Committee of 200, among others.

Dutra’s frequently speaks at the World Economic Forum. She contributes to the online Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CEO Magazine and was a guest editor of the 2015 Best of the Boardroom issue of Hispanic Executive magazine. Ana received the Chicago United Business Leader of Color and the Verizon Nueva Estrella Latina awards.

A native Brazilian, Ana holds an MBA from Kellogg, a Masters in Economics from Pontificia Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, a Juris Doctor from Universidade do Rio de Janeiro. She is fluent in five languages, an avid triathlete and yoga practitioner and the proud mother of 3 daughters.

BEHAVIORS reflect some type OF
address your own issues and
DEVELOP INTO A better leader.

You’ll Learn How to

  • Recognize LEADERSHiT characters in your daily life and start to figure out how to deal with them
  • Reflect on what kind of leader YOU want to be and what kind of workplace you want to create
  • Learn how detect LEADERSHiT traits in people early and be proactive about helping them
  • Increase your level of self-awareness so that you can effectively address your own LEADERSHiT behaviors
  • Develop into more effective leader by becoming a LEADERSHiT Tsar and being a part of the #ENDLEADERSHiT Revolution

There is a reason why mind reading is a terrifying concept; our thoughts
usually need a filter before they enter this world.